WordPress Maintenance

When it comes to website security, it pays to be proactive rather than reactive.

If your website has been developed using WordPress, it is the most popular and stable web publishing platform on the internet (by a large margin).

All websites are targets for hackers and spammers these days. WordPress knows and understands this and dynamically works to minimise the risk to users of their platform.

To protect your website, WordPress and its third party developer network, regularly create updated versions of their software to ensure that you are as secure as is humanly possible (notwithstanding brute force hacks of your login).

If you don’t keep your WordPress platform up to date – including theme updates and all plugins that have been installed – your website is vulnerable.

I have introduced a cost-effective monthly maintenance plan that will guarantee your site is on the latest versions of WordPress and all plugins within 24-48 hours of release.

Here’s what it includes:*

* Does not include content creation or website modifications.

Cost Consideration:




“It won’t happen to me …” is what stops us from being proactive… until it does happen to your website!

Even if you have a low traffic website the vast majority of hackers are not looking to steal your data or delete important files. What they want to do is use your server to send spam emails to massive databases of illegally gathered email addresses. From your domain!!!

Outdated WordPress core files and plugins make it possible for hackers to upload a script that will send spam directly from your server. If this happens, your server IP address may be blacklisted by all major ISP’s and email services; and could cost you a lot of time, money and frustration.

In some instances your entire site can be wiped out and the costs to rebuild are effectively the same as building a brand new website from scratch, excluding the loss of data.

For R 199,00 per month be assured that the latest security updates are installed at all times.

“A few weeks ago my website was hacked due to my WordPress version and plugins being outdated and it cost me thousands to get it back up and running. When Terri offered me this maintenance agreement, I signed up immediately. The peace of mind is well worth it!” Alison Watt – Rockets Musical Entertainment CC

“My website was hacked 2 days ago. The entire website was deleted from the server by the hackers and I have lost a significant amount of business in this short time. To avoid this happening again I’ve signed up for Terri’s website maintenance package.” Rochelle Pereira – Livitup Décor & Design


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TERMS: I hereby agree to the following:

1. to pay a monthly fee of R199-00 to Terri Love Designs for the following services:

  1. Monthly Backups – complete site
  2. Update core WordPress files
  3. Update Genesis Framework (if applicable)
  4. Update Plugins

2. to pay in advance on or before the 1st day of every month.

3. to indemnify Terri Love and/or Terri Love Designs, in respect of all liabilities costs and expenses suffered or incurred and arising of any negligent act or omission of any activities, or illegal activities on the website, such as hacking, spamming , cyber bullying, cyber attacks, in any form and shape. This indemnity is subject to proof of all software reflecting the latest versions.


Terri Love and/or Terri Love Designs hereby agrees to the following:

 1.  to provide the following services:

Monthly Backups – complete site
Update core WordPress files
Update Genesis Framework (if applicable)
Update Plugins

2. Supply a monthly report / notification of the Wordpress Software and plugins running on the website.

3. to keep all access and login details for the client’s hosting account, server and back-end of the website private and confidential.