Over the past 7 years I have used Terri Love Designs for the design & implementation of several of my business websites and advertising media layouts. I have found her website design work to be well above average and turn around time fast. Being a busy businessman, with several companies, most of my correspondence with Terri has been via e-mail or Skype, and within hours I have positive results from her. Therefore, there has been no lengthy meetings or telephone calls to try and make her understand what I would like done. Its been a breeze to have work done by Terri and I would recommend her work to all I meet, especially when the topic of Web design crops up! – Dominic Symes, Director – Home Technologies / Hi-Temp Pool Heating

I secured the services of Terri Love in November 2005, initially to assist with design and layout of the BPM Magazine. Today Terri no longer assists with this – she does the entire design and layout of the sixty-eight page publication herself! From the very first edition she worked on she has proved to be an invaluable asset to the company and our product. An extremely thorough approach underlies an exceptionally high standard of design work and an effortless work-flow. Terri also has great creative vision and intuitively harnesses the feel and ideas we come up with very effectively. She is highly recommended. – Dave Mac, Editor – BPM Magazine

It is a pleasure to confirm that The Rockets have worked with Terri Love since 1999. We have found her to be highly professional, efficient, dedicated with a fantastic ‘can do’ attitude.She has designed many CD covers, brochures, posters and websites for us. She has always outdone herself and has been quite willing to work all kinds of hours to meet our impossible deadlines.We have found her work to be of an excellent standard and quality. She is easy to work with and understands and interprets our briefs exceptionally well. Terri is an honest, hard working and reliable person whom I can recommend with great confidence.  – Alison Watt, Manager – The Rockets

It has been almost six years since we started utilising Terri’s creative expertise. During this period Terri has always managed to work within our time restraints, always delivering excellent designs and well within our deadlines. Terri has always been able to grasp our need (sometimes quite vague) for cover designs, poster and headers. The finished product has in every case been outstanding and has assisted us in portraying our products in a very exciting light in the market place. We sincerely believe that Terri’s input has been of great benefit to us and we look forward to seeing further innovative designs and ideas in the future.  – Marcel Lauman, Director -Galaxy Music (SA) (Pty) Ltd.

Terri has designed websites, business cards, and logos for me. She has a professional and sensible approach to delivery of the design product which gives the client peace of mind – you know you will get a competent and attractive result within comfortable limits of budget and on time. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of and extensive experience with everything connected to design is a real bonus – ranging from websites, hosting, through the intricacies of supplying material for print, barcodes, catalogue numbers, posters and more. Having worked with designers where I ended up feeling like having to do most of the work myself it has been a pleasure to put requests to Terri and get a complete solution back. She knows what she’s doing.  – The BrokerHouse

“I love it …thank-you! It looks great! This site gives a very professional image, you have incorporated the colour scheme beautifully and grasped the whole concept through the photographs. And once again, thank-you very much it has been a pleasure doing business with you, I have no hesitation in recom-mending your services and yes you may quote me, it would be my pleasure.”  – Nurah Noor, Owner – Househunters

What can I say, spot-on once again – and thanks for the quick response, it’s much appreciated.  – Johan Terblanche – Property Home

Firstly I wanted to say a huge thank you – you have been amazing in terms of your professionalism, quality of work and more than anything patience during the development of the site, I couldn’t in my wildest dreams have asked for anything more!! – Elizabeth Bradley, Founder – Sandcastle Bookings

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful work and it is such a pleasure working with someone who has initiative. I am really happy with what you have put together and really, thank you.  – Villa Jaiswar – Chez Moi Properties

Working with Terri is an exciting – and rewarding – adventure … Starting with the sketchiest of initial briefs, she has always followed the ‘spirit’ of what we are trying to achieve – and on the way, invariably improves on the original vision. Her application and execution of work to the point where it is presented for production has always been perfect, which makes an enormous difference. Often work created cannot be accurately manufactured. She also created our logo – and we love that! – Patric van Blerk, Director – CapeTown Sound

“Terri, thank you so much for all you’ve done, your exceptional, professional service left me completely at ease and I will be sure to pass your details on to those I know needing service like yours. It is indeed a pleasure working with you.” – Dale Palfrey – Caterham Cars SA

Just looked at the site … what can I say Brilliant, I know I’m repeating myself from when you completed House Hunters but again you have captured the whole concept and the image I wanted to put across. Pictures look fantastic, the way you have again incorporated the colour scheme and logo… I love it. Thank you.  – Nurah Noor – Concierge Luxury Travel

As usual, it’s been great working with you. You’re one of the most efficient, productive people I’ve ever worked with.  – Colette Symanowitz – MBAconnect.net

The site looks phenomenal !!!! A huge thanks from all at Shadey Entertainment. You’ve done a brilliant job.  – Nadiem Greeff, Founder – Shadey Entertainment

Terri’s talent, knowledge, skill, experience and patience make her a pleasure to work with on an ongoing basis.  – Nic Hazell – CapeTown Sound

LOVE LOVE LOVE what you have done!! I think you summed me up very well & quickly… Terri, I am so happy with this so far! Thanks so much!  – Natalie Haarhof – Flower Floral Design